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10 Geotargeting Tips to Maximize Your Google Ads ROI

Last Updated on 7 Jul 2021 by SEO Manager

Deliver super-personalized experiences

With geotargeting for local PPC, you can relate your offering to local events or use language that resonates with that community. For example, if you know there’s a concert in your town, you may want to run a special promotion for your restaurant nearby.

Segment to reach the right person

Say you’re a landscaper whose ideal customers are wealthy estate owners. With geotargeting, you could target the more affluent areas of a particular region. (Note: there are some industries that may not be able to layer demographic and location targeting together.)

Get your timing right

When it comes to timing, you may think of ad scheduling but geotargeting also has a use here. Commonly referred to as geofencing, you can serve particular ads to people upon entering or exiting a geographic boundary. This could be useful if there’s a week-long conference going on near your business.

Test out new markets

Run lower budget campaigns in new areas to test the waters and if you end up performing well, create more lower-funnel ads. Keep in mind that geotargeting is only available at the campaign level. So, if you’re curious about how you would perform in a new market, split up your locations by campaign.

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Align with consumer trends

Geotargeting is a win-win. Not only do you save money, but this is what consumers want! According to research:

80% percent of consumers say that they would like to get location-based alerts from businesses.
70% of consumers say that they are willing to share their location if they get something valuable in return.
61% of smartphone owners prefer to buy from sites that customize information for their location.

In short, you’re taking your local PPC strategy to the next level to give consumers a personalized, local-friendly experience—all while saving money!


Not only can geotargeting save you money with local PPC, but it can also be a tool for personalized and real-time marketing, testing out new markets, and targeting personas in a given neighborhood. Follow these tips to get the most out of geotargeting in Google ads in your local business advertising:

  1. Double-check your location options
  2. Pay attention to granular metrics
  3. Seek out and implement location-based negatives
  4. Use bid adjustments to lower CPA
  5. Don’t be afraid to be picky
  6. Exclude certain locations
  7. Use Google Trends to inform your targeting
  8. Include regional terms in your ad copy
  9. Include the name of your target location in your ad copy
  10. Leverage location extensions and call extensions

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