AdWords Spells Checks Glore!

Goofle Adword new specll check­ing will adjust for five dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions in lan­guage:

  • Mis­spellings (“water­prof sun­block” instead of “water­proof sun­block”)
  • Singular/plural forms (“beach balls” and “beach ball”)
  • Stem­ming (“sin­gle serve” and “sin­gle serv­ing”)
  • Accents (“hotel” and “hôtel”)
  • Abbre­vi­a­tions (“Dr.” ver­sus “Doc­tor”)
  • Acronyms (“NYC” ver­sus “New York City”)

Goolge cer­sndois up to 7 % of sae­crh qeeruis ild­ncue msneglp­sli­is, and the lneogr the qruey, the more llikey it is to cnoiatn smoe milnsleispg.

Google has been tsnetig the new fiu­cil­ntaot­ny with a few arveets­dirs and says it has seen an agearve of a 3 % rsie in ser­ach ccliks, at cprabaolme CPCs, tohugh the cmnoapy neots pan­r­focm­ree will vray by atvde­sierr.

The new ift­carnee (in the cmga­pain stnitegs tab, uen­dr Aeac­n­vdd sigentts sel­cet Koryewd mihc­t­ang oont­pis) will be reolld out in the web itrnce­fae to all aeir­se­vtrds oevr the nxet cupole of wekes, and it wlil appear in the nxet vri­oesn of the API reaseeld letar tihs motnh. By dlue­fat, math­ces will ” Idl­nuce palulrs, msispieg­n­lls and ohetr clsoe viranats ‚” but ade­vsirtres can opt out if tehy ’ d like fenir cot­nrol of tehir kdye­wors.

Can you read this?

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