Axis Of Yahoo — A Different Web Browser

Yahoo has intro­duced a new web brows­er as part of an effort to loosen Google’s tight­en­ing grip on the online user expe­ri­ence, accord­ing to CBS News.

Although Yahoo remains the top provider of web-based email, Google has hand­i­ly dom­i­nat­ed the search engine mar­ket, and Google’s Chrome brows­er recent­ly dis­placed Microsoft’s Inter­net Explor­er as America’s most wide­ly-used web brows­er, accord­ing to ana­lyt­ics web­site CNet.

With the launch of Axis, a web brows­er designed for tablet com­put­ers and smart­phones, Yahoo hopes to arrest Google’s growth.

Per­haps the biggest inno­va­tion intro­duced by Axis is a new dis­play of search results. Instead of the hyper­link inven­to­ry pro­duced by a stan­dard search on Google or Bing, Axis presents search results to users as a series of web-page thumb­nails, arranged hor­i­zon­tal­ly and browsed with a flick of the fin­ger. Users can return to the search query by drag­ging the results down. Feed­back on the new search dis­play has been gen­er­al­ly favor­able.

Yahoo’s deci­sion to devel­op Axis as a mobile brows­er like­ly reflects a con­sen­sus among indus­try ana­lysts that tablets and smart­phones will even­tu­al­ly out­strip the tra­di­tion­al PC as the pri­ma­ry com­put­ing plat­form for most users.

An Axis plug-in is avail­able for PC-based web browsers like Mozil­la, Inter­net Explor­er, and Chrome. A mobile ver­sion for Android smart­phones remains in devel­op­ment.

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