Google Analytics: Have you setup Google Analytics to measure content?

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a4ia MPO biggerHave you setup Google Analytics to measure content?

Google Analytics tracks several metrics by default: time on page, exit %, bounce rate, etc. With these metrics you just scratch the surface of what insights you can get through your content reports.

The content you provide to your visitors can make or break your brand. At the end, the information that you provide to your visitors plays a huge role in whether they buy your products and services or not. That’s why it is crucial for you to understand how your content performs and which steps you need to take to improve your content marketing results.

You need to create a measurement plan where you list all your website interactions. Determine for each of those whether you want to measure it as an interactive event (impacting bounce rate) or non-interactive event (not impacting bounce rate). This will make the metrics in your content reports reflect what’s going on on your website more accurately.

Recording a flow helps you validate that Analytics tracking on your site works as expected. Choose a critical set of steps to record. These steps typically include pages on your site. You can also include pages from other sites from which a user may initiate a visit to your site, such as, or a third-party site with an ad linking to your site.

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For example, if you run an ecommerce site, run through the pages and steps required to select an item, place the order, and submit payment. If your site’s purpose is lead generation, walk through the process of navigating to and signing up for your promotional newsletter.

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What is Google Analytics and how it works?

Google Analytics is configured by insertion of a tracking code in a block of JavaScript code on each of the pages in your website. This tracking code identifies data about the webpage request and pushes this data to the Google Analytics server. This data can be location, date, time, SERP request and more granular information about the page and requester.

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