Google Analytics integration so marketers can see who’s responding to their campaigns

Mar­keters Improve Mul­ti-Chan­nel Web Results Using New Com­monSpot … Mar­ket­Watch (press release) — 20 hours ago Lon­don Mar­kets Close in: Cur­ren­cies Futures Met­als Stocks · Home · News View­er · Mar­kets · Invest­ing · Per­son­al Finance · Indus­tries · Economy/Politics · Trad­ing Deck · Log In · Games · Alerts · Port­fo­lio. press release. Sept. 24, 2012, 11:08 a.m. EDT … PaperThin Sum­mer 2012 Release Goes Social, Adds More Google Ana­lyt­ics CMSWire — 17 hours ago PaperThin con­tin­ues to add mar­ket­ing punch to its Com­monSpot WCM sys­tem with its Sum­mer 2012 release. Like the Spring release, Sum­mer 2012 includes more Google Ana­lyt­ics inte­gra­tion so mar­keters can see who’s respond­ing to their cam­paigns.

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