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Mobile devices are chang­ing the way Inter­net search­es are being done on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Now, there are more search­es tak­ing place on smart phones and mobile devices than ever before.

Glob­al inter­net usage through mobile devices (not includ­ing tablets) was near­ly 8.5% in Jan­u­ary 2012, Stat­Counter report­ed, using stats aggre­gat­ed from 3 mil­lion sites.

Almost half (49.7%) of U.S. mobile sub­scribers now own smart­phones, as of Feb­ru­ary 2012, accord­ing to Nielsen.

Fur­ther­more, Android leads the U.S. smart­phone mar­ket with 48%, while iPhone fol­lows with 32%, and Black­ber­ry is third with slight­ly under 12%.

Mobile devices are esti­mat­ed to account for 25% of all paid search ad clicks in Google’s net­work by Decem­ber 2012.

Click-through-rates on mobile phones are as much as 72% high­er than on desk­tops.

In many devel­op­ing nations, the major­i­ty of web users are mobile-only: high­est are Egypt at 70% and India at 59%.

Even in devel­oped nations, includ­ing the U.S. and UK at 25%, a large minor­i­ty of web users are mobile-only.


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