Mobile Devices Search Grow Google Bing Yahoo

Mobile devices are changing the way Internet searches are being done on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Now, there are more searches taking place on smart phones and mobile devices than ever before.

Global internet usage through mobile devices (not including tablets) was nearly 8.5% in January 2012, StatCounter reported, using stats aggregated from 3 million sites.

Almost half (49.7%) of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones, as of February 2012, according to Nielsen.

Furthermore, Android leads the U.S. smartphone market with 48%, while iPhone follows with 32%, and Blackberry is third with slightly under 12%.

Mobile devices are estimated to account for 25% of all paid search ad clicks in Google’s network by December 2012.

Click-through-rates on mobile phones are as much as 72% higher than on desktops.

In many developing nations, the majority of web users are mobile-only: highest are Egypt at 70% and India at 59%.

Even in developed nations, including the U.S. and UK at 25%, a large minority of web users are mobile-only.


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