Google Target Search Devices:: Enhanced Campaigns

There are three type of Google Target Search Devices.

  1. Desk­top / Lap­tops
  2. Smart Phones (iPhone / Android)
  3. Tablets (iPad / Android)

Since the real estate for the ads is lim­it­ed on each of these devices there­fore, the device you choose, the num­ber of ads run­ning, their loca­tion may vary.

Gen­er­al­ly, on the Desk­top, there are 3 top ads and 8 on the side.  On the smart­phones, there are 2 on top and three on the bot­tom.  Same for tablets with full Inter­net Browsers.

Smart Devices

Over the hol­i­day week in 2011, there were 2 bil­lion down­loads of mobile apps!

This is a com­bined num­ber for both Android and iOS devices.  And this is just the start.  How fast this mar­ket will dou­ble and dou­ble again is at best guess and being revised faster than we can type this text!

What you also need to be sure, smart phones are deliv­ery more search results and con­tent each day, hour, minute, sec­ond.

And if you do not have a plan for the mobile mar­ket, it is like you have a car but no gps; a cell phone and no ser­vice.  Mean­ing­less!

There Google, Bing/Yahoo are devel­op­ing tech­nolo­gies as we write these lines.

You need to have presence on smart phones today.

Desktop PC Searches

Desk­top PC Search­es con­tin­ue to be the large slice of the search mar­ket.  Accord­ing to a study in 2012, 85% of the mar­ket is still with desk­top based PC devices.  These are your com­put­ers and lap­tops.

Your desk­top strat­e­gy now needs to take into account how your web­site and PPC cam­paign will ren­der on the desk­top in addi­tion to the smart phone.  In oth­er words, gone are the days when you could safe­ly deliv­ery web­site for the PC and expect it to be all to all devices.

Tablet Devices: iPad — Android — Slates

There is a rich size of rich appli­ca­tions known as apps that are appear­ing in this mar­ket.  This mar­ket requires a dif­fer­ent strat­e­gy from the Mobile and the Desk­top adver­tis­ing PPC cam­paigns.

Social Media: FaceBook — Google+

Only in the far­thest reach­es of this plan­et does any­one does not know that social media: Face­book and Google’s alter­na­tive, Google+ is now an increas­ing part of dai­ly life of many peo­ple.

Social Media requires spe­cial atten­tion.  It requires spe­cial focus.  And it requires it’s own strat­e­gy.

So, what are you doing today?

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Pub­lished on: Jul 5, 2012 @ 12:09

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