Do you Understand How Smart Bids Work?

The following is from Google’s Support page How Google Ads calculates bids Smart Bidding uses Google’s machine learning technology to optimize for conversions across every ad auction. Why: This allows you to set millions of unique bids every second across campaigns. When calculating bids for Maximize conversions or Target CPA, your bid strategy will take into… Continue reading Do you Understand How Smart Bids Work?

July 2021 News Snippets

July 2021 News Snippets Continue marketing and reallocate your marketing budget mix Engage with new segmented consumer groups Focus on the end-to-end journey Rethink multichannel marketing strategies Go granular on your date with first-party data supported with second- and third-party data This era of adoption and adaptation Facebook Expands its e-Commerce Efforts. According to eMarketer,… Continue reading July 2021 News Snippets