What is Google Query Matching? (How does it work?)

Google’s query match­ing process — when decid­ing which web­sites best match each user query, is com­pli­cat­ed.  For each Search Engine Result Page (), Google assess­es hun­dreds of fac­tors in order to deter­mine the most like­ly match and best answer. Two of the strongest and con­trol­lable sig­nals are back­links and page con­tent.

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What is a Good Ad Copy? (Why Strong Content Matters)

Every effec­tive con­tent mar­ket­ing starts with good copy.  If you are writ­ing an Ad, you should be able to describe in fewest pos­si­ble words what you are doing or sell­ing?   Why it is impor­tant and most impor­tant­ly, whey should they bring their busi­ness to you?

Visual Content Does Better SEO (videos and photos )

Visu­al con­tent — videos and pho­tos — always per­form bet­ter than any oth­er type of con­tent in terms of shares.

To get best results:


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Transforming The Way You Promote Content (6 Steps)

  • Arti­cle title (Make it Smart)
  • Arti­cle URL (Make it rel­e­vant)
  • The key­words we are tar­get­ing (Exploit Cre­ative Options)
  • Cur­rent rank­ings for those key­words (Check and recheck)
  • Sug­ges­tions for sup­port­ing arti­cle top­ics (Link with­in your web­site)
  • Search sug­ges­tions for find­ing sites that may link to us (Do your home­work)

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Why Style Matters in SEO?

A that is chrisp, cogent and con­sis­tet appre­ci­ates the reader’s intel­li­gence by show­ing that you respect and want to earn trust of the vis­i­tor to the web­site.  Trust is vital in search engine result pages (SERP) for all your local seo results.

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Social Media Traffic

Social Media

How much traf­fic do you get from social sites?

What do they do?

Does social shar­ing dri­ve addi­tion­al traf­fic and con­ver­sions?

How impor­tant are the social reports in Google Ana­lyt­ics?

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Good Conversions & Analytics Strategy for Effective SEO

Things to con­sid­er:

* What are the goals for analy­sis?
* Who is the tar­get audi­ence? What behav­ior is expect­ed?
* What oth­er sources of data should be con­sid­ered?

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What are the SEO challenges for a Multi-location business?

busi­ness­es com­mon­ly have these chal­lenges when it comes to meet­ing con­sumer needs:

  • How can they quick­ly and eas­i­ly give direc­tions to con­sumers?
  • How can each location’s land­ing page be opti­mized for local search?
  • How can the ever-increas­ing mobile shop­per surge be lever­aged?

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What is SEO?

Search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) is the the affir­ma­tive Inter­net inter­ac­tions that affects the place­ment and vis­i­bil­i­ty of a web­site or a web page in a Inter­net brows­er based search engine’s result pages (SERP)— often referred to as “nat­ur­al”, “organ­ic”, or “earned” results.

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Inhouse SEO Expert or Outside Agency?

Are you Debating between Outside Agency or In-house Expert for Search Engine Optimization?

  • It depends on your size, the scope of work or the indus­try.
  • The lev­el of spe­cial­iza­tion need­ed.
  • Loca­tion of your busi­ness and ready avail­abil­i­ty of expert in your area.

SEO or Search Engine Opti­miza­tion is effec­tive when pur­sused on planned and pur­pose­ful basis.

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