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How fast will my site appear on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing?

Crawling, Indexing, Ranking - Search Engine

Launch­ing a brand new web­site is hard work.  When you first start out, your web­site is com­plete­ly unknown, you have no inbound links, and you can’t be found in the search engines.

Google / Bing / Yahoo say that there is no guar­an­tee that their web spi­ders will def­i­nite­ly index your site.

A web­site will prob­a­bly not make it show in the top search results unless it is opti­mized.  This process is called ‘Search Engine Opti­miza­tion’.

So, what is the first step?

well-structured-websiteA well struc­tured web­site.  This means all the con­tent is good and rel­e­vant.  All the pages have appro­pri­ate names and gen­er­al­ly known names, like About Us, Con­tact Us and so on.   By hav­ing good con­tent con­tain­ing the key­words that the vis­i­tors will look for a site when they search on Google / Bing / Yahoo as part of the con­tent, the web­site becomes vis­i­ble and rel­e­vant to search engines.

Pro­vide high-qual­i­ty con­tent, espe­cial­ly the home­page.  If the web­site pages con­tain use­ful and unique infor­ma­tion, their con­tent will attract many vis­i­tors.  In cre­at­ing a help­ful, infor­ma­tion-rich site, write pages that clear­ly and accu­rate­ly describe your top­ic. Think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

Make sure that your web­site is ready (i.e. no bro­ken links, etc.).

Second Step is off-page work or meta tags.

website-layout-meta-tagsThis off-page work  is done by using key­word rel­e­vant ‘META’ tags in the HTML code.  As search engines have become more com­plex and selec­tive, the num­ber of ways to add meta tags have also increased.   Label­ing the struc­tured con­tent to help users find pages rel­e­vant to users search is very impor­tant.

Always use spe­cif­ic key­words.

Cre­ate a sitemap file for your web­site

And the Third Step?

ell-index-engines-to-indexSub­mit­ting a web­site to major search engines like Google / Yahoo / Bing will get the site  indexed as soon as these engines become aware of site’s exis­tence.  There are var­i­ous ways to accom­plish this task.  We at main­tain pro­fes­sion­al ana­lyt­ics

Wait for about 2 or 3 days. Check Google by typ­ing your web­site name in the search box with the word “site:” before the site: If it shows up in the result, it means that Google has indexed the web­site.

So, what are you doing today?Mobile Website

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