Your Local Search Engine Marketing Order Desk

Your Local Search Engine Marketing Order Desk

Our Guarantees

No reputable Local SEO Agency should guarantee you results. We make the best effort to promote your business. We promise:

  1. have a written contact with audits / scope / timelines
  2. to over deliver and under invoice
  3. provide timely reports
  4. provide answers to all questions in writing
  5. if we do not perform according to agreed upon benchmarks, any work we have performed on your behalf in the last 30 days is FREE to you.

Simple Pricing Structure

Simple SEOWebsite DevelopmentThe Works
Benchmark & Success GoalsBenchmark & Success GoalsBenchmark & Success Goals
GMBBPB SetupGMB – BPB SetupGMB – BPB Setup
Google / Bing Console SetupGoogle / Bing Console SetupGoogle / Bing Console Setup
Local Directories SubmissionsLocal Directories SubmissionsLocal Directories Submissions
Keywords Analysis / TrackingKeywords Analysis / TrackingKeywords Analysis / Tracking
Google Analytics Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
Social Media SetupSocial Media SetupSocial Media Setup
Comprehensive Website AuditComprehensive Website AuditComprehensive Website Audit
Professional Content WritingProfessional Content Writing
Professional Custom Website Design for Desktop / Mobile / Tablet DevicesProfessional Custom Website Design for Desktop / Mobile / Tablet Devices
Professional Photography / Videos / DronesProfessional Photography / Videos / Drones
Website HostingWebsite Hosting
Email / SMS MarketingEmail / SMS Marketing
PPC Campaigns
Reputation Management
Custom Quote / Cancel AnytimeCustom Quote / Cancel AnytimeCustom Quote / Cancel Anytime
  1. Benchmark & Success Goals: We audit your site and give you a baseline performance for various parameters, such as page speed, etc.
  2. GMB – BPB Setup: We setup Google My Business and Bing Places for Business.
  3. Local Directories Submissions: We setup accounts with and submit your site to local directories.
  4. Keywords Analysis / Tracking: We setup Google analytics and and other accounts to track keywords for your as well as four major competitors.
  5. Google / Bing Console Setup: Yes.
  6. Social Media Setup: We setup Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts for you.
  7. Professional Custom Design for Desktop / Mobile / Tablet Devices: We develop design and launch your website targeting Mobile design requirements.
  8. Professional Photography / Videos / Drones: We visit your place of business and do photography, videography and the same with drone.
  9. Website Hosting: We host your website or assist you in hosting your site at fast and dedicated web servers.
  10. PPC Campaigns: We develop, maintain and manage your pay per click marketing.

So, What are You Waiting For ?

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