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What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is the systematic methodology for securing visibility and resulting traffic from the “organic”, or “natural” search results on search engines.

We will help you:

  • Understand the steps to achieving your LSEO goals
  • Are you properly targeting your local audience? Are you keeping them engaged with your message?
  • How tracking the right metrics in Google Analytics can yield sales.

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What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is organic and geographically targeting your local business online.  Google My BusinessBing Places for Business and other local directories are primary vessels along with your website to help customers find you online.

Why Local Search Engine Optimization?

Optimizing for local search involves some key strategies and tactics not utilized in general, non-local search engine optimization.

If you are a business with a geographic identity, you will need this specialized approach to compete online for potential local / regional customers. Being found high in the “natural” or “organic” web results in a local search for the services and products that you offer lends credibility to your business or organization.

Boost your Local SEO with your local area clues. By adding your local area references to your content will help convert local searchers. This improves local SERP and your local relevance. Organically, can this help you rank higher in local searches. All of this means more local customers.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local business search engine optimization allows businesses to get found on the search engine results page when someone nearby searches for services or products related to the business’s offerings.

With the help of local search engine optimization service, such as ours, your business can rank higher on search engines for relevant keywords, online maps, and local directory listings. We will implement the best local search engine optimization strategies right into your website. For example, local search engine optimization improves a restaurant’s rankings in local search results and puts businesses in front of consumers at the very moments in which they are actively searching and looking to make a purchase. For restaurants, it is essential to include local SEO as part of their overall marketing strategies. Restaurants looking to increase their customer base and drive sales through digital marketing should focus on local search engine optimization because of its proven ability to drive in-store sales.


Click through and conversion rates tend to be much higher for this type of search traffic. Our locally targeted search engine optimization is designed to reach customers searching for your services and products in your local service area.

While many factors go into ranking on Google as a local business, your website’s ability to compete on Google Maps and search results pages (SERP) depends on four main factors:

  • Original Content
  • Speed of your website (how fast it can load on devices)
  • Your product or service
  • Distance from the prospect

Local search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that aims to get your business in front of local customers, increase your online presence, and potentially boost your revenue.

According to recent research, 97% of prospective clients search for local services online, and 82% of mobile device owners use search engines to find local businesses.

Local Search Engine Optimization Company

We are a local search engine optimization company. Our local SEO experts will work with you to produce content for your website, as well as search engine map listings such as Google Local and Yahoo! Local. We will also update local directories because the local SEO methods used by search engines such as Google and Bing / Yahoo.

We provide local SEO services where the foundation is based on proven strategies but customized to your requirements. We have a diverse range of expertise providing local SEO for professionals such as lawyers, medical providers; store fronts like restaurants, and service businesses like landscapers and home maintenance providers. Would you like out free estimate ?

Why are We Different for Local Search Engine Optimization ?

We start with the basics and keep it simple.

Our local search engine optimization services include calculated keyword research, localized content creation, and data enhancement for N.A.P and maps. Once indexed, your site will gain traction with users with well-written content that will engage your potential customers and persuade them to learn more about your company’s products and services.

This comprehensive approach is supported by our team of SEO specialists, so you can benefit from their extensive online marketing experience. While there are several marketing strategies to choose from, you need to choose the ones that are both cost-effective and competent.

With our local search engine optimization services, you can connect with potential customers on a more personalized level. Reach your local community when they need you, with our local search engine optimization services for small businesses of all kinds.

What are the Major Search Engines

The largest search engines according to popularity are:

Statistics (updated September 2019), show that Google has 87.35 % market share.  A breathtaking number.


What is a ‘Local Search’?

On any search engine, a “Local Search” is triggered if you are looking for a business or service that is geographically near you.  So, when you type ‘car accident lawyer near me’ or ‘dentist in princeton, nj’ you have performed a ‘Local Search‘.

72 percent of customers who perform a local search visit a store within five miles. (Source: Forbes)

What are Local SERPs?

Local SERPs (Local Search Engine Results Page) describe the results that show up for a local-based query based upon either where the customer is physically located or has intended as part of the search input.  So, ‘ortho near me’ and ‘ortho in princeton, nj’ may bring similar results if the customer is physically located in princeton, nj.

Almost all Local SERPs return what is called a ”Local Pack’.  These are the top ranked businesses based on the customer query.

These local SERPs are may further be broken down into smaller components that may consist of one or more of the following blocks; for example, Google’s SERP has:

  • Google Ads (Top)
  • Featured Snippet
  • Image Pack
  • In-Depth Article
  • Knowledge Card
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Local Pack
  • Local Teaser Pack
  • News Box
  • Related Questions
  • Reviews
  • Shopping Results
  • Site Links
  • Tweet
  • Video
  • Google Ads (Bottom)

What is ‘Local Pack’?

A ‘Local Pack‘ is list of local businesses based on the SERP.  Each search engine presents a different ‘pack’ based on their own unique algorithms for the SERP.  Some of the search engines present these packs in following manner:

  • Google plucks a set of three top results under a map from Google My Business (GMB).
  • Bing‘s SERP shows five businesses from Bing Places for Business.
  • Yahoo relies on Bing Places for Business for it’s SERPs.
  • DuckDuckGo combs Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

How is Data complied for Local Packs?

Search Engines display a variety of data from various sources in the Local Packs.  These are not limited to opening hours, review and ratings, photos and in some cases, results from local and professional directories

Local SEO Citations

Local SEO Citations is any online mention of the nameaddress, and phone number (NAP) for a local business. These local citations may be sourced from a local business directory, on websites and on social media platforms. 

What Would You Like to Do Next for Your Local Search Engine Optimization?

Here are Our Search Engine Options and Plans

Local Search Engine Presence

  • Submitting your Business: The 5/15/50 Plan
  • Submitting / Updating with Goolge, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Yelp, etc.
  • Listing services that are ‘scraped’ by above to insure that you’re listed and have correct information in each stem.
  • 15 images consisting of photos, logos, building location and QMR
  • 5 professional videos on Youtube.

50 Listings in Individually Coded and Customized Directory / Business Classification Index Sites

  • Website Classified Directory submissions.
  • Citations on other sites that serve local search and regional interests.
  • Reviews on local search and professional review sites.
  • ‘Buzz’ for your business on social services like Instagram, Twitter FourSquare and of course FaceBook.

Your Professional Citations

  • Submitting to Classified Directories for linking.
  • Professional Associations, Professional Memberships, Professional Designations
  • Your Industry Authorities
  • Your Chamber and where applicable, Representative Lobby Groups
  • We will provide you with all the links where you can ask people to recommend your services.
  • We will monitor and/or respond to the reviews.
  • We can help you reach out to your customers and gently ask for reviews.


  • Comprehensive reporting on local presence, search clicks, reviews and clicks on maps.
  • Suggestions on changes to your website that will tie in with the above strategies.

Guaranteed Website Optimization Service

  • Our goal is First Page Ranking on Goolge, Yahoo, Bing and other search Engines.
  • Validate code issues that hurt your ability to achieve a high search ranking. Issues that might block a search spider from indexing your entire site.
  • Perform a through keyword research process for keyword density in title tags, body content, headings, internal links and external links.
  • Use social media to reach out to more potential customers.
  • Making your URLs simple and intuitive.
  • Linking issues that prevent a high ranking.
  • Build content that attracts links.
  • Look for duplicate content that might cause search engines to apply ranking penalties.

Do You need Help with Local Search Engine Optimization LSEM ?

How to Measure Our Success for Local SEO ?

  • SERP (search engine results pages) visibility: this is to check whether how well your website is appearing for the targeted search queries
  • Click-through rate (CTR): this shows your website’s performance within the SERPs.
  • Keyword ranking: this demostrates your website’s rank for targeted keywords necessary for visitor traffic
  • Domain authority (DA): websites with a higher DA perform better

We will setup these meterics before we start and perodically review with you for your sucess.

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