YouTube Authority

YouTube Authority

Build Your Brand

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One of the most effective ways of promoting yourself online is to use YouTube to build your brand, your authority and your business.  Essential elements are:

  • Short and to the point video.
  • Showcase your product or service.
  • Teach or explain your product or service or a question.
  • Keep distractions limited.
  • Make sure you have good light, sound and video quality.

Ways to Get Your YouTube Channel Noticed !

There are no shortcuts in getting noticed on YouTube.  However, here are some simple tips:

  • Make your YouTube video relevant to your band or authority.
  • Use creative thumbnails.
  • Make your Tags with relevant Keywords and Local SEO.
  • Create effective descriptions for your video.
  • Use affirmative Call To Action (CTA)
  • Sharpen your channel’s Image.
  • Use annotations but not overuse them.
  • Upload at the right time.
  • Link with your other online presence, websites, social media, etc.
  • Promote your other YouTube videos in your end screen.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Reply to comments.

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