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FREE Website Audit – Princeton NJ

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Your Website and Audit

Simple mistakes on website construction and tactics that may otherwise impede the crawlability of your website can be quickly addressed. In simplest of terms, a website audit is a process for evaluating the bots friendliness of a website in multiple areas.

Fixing common website issues include your website speed and performance and enhancing LSEO. We will audit optimization for mobile devices and best practices for website security.

Why Get A Website Audit ?

We highly recommend doing a website audit in order to identify any website related issues that might impair your search engine optimization or search engine marketing or even your social media marketing issues.

As most traffic coming to your site is from organic search, this is a crucial business exercise that you should be doing at every 3 to 6 months.

What is included in a Comprehensive and Paid Website Audit?

An online website audit should cover the technical performance of your site to ensure that Google and other search engines can understand your content efficiently. Throughout all of this, remember that a user-focused SEO campaign creates long-term plans that target the end-user, which is the heart and soul of what Google is looking for today.

By performing one or all of the following comprehensive types of website audits, you will know the first steps needed to improve your organic rankings. It will help determine whether your website is fully optimized for search engine traffic, has broken links or files. It will also investigate optimal load-time, user-friendliness, as well as the status of the website content.

Our Comprehensive Website Audit covers the following:

Errors, Warnings and Notices (EWN) are heart of the website Audit. We cover Errors which are technical in nature and no website should ignore. Warnings that impact the site’s performance and visibility. And Notices which are minor issues but together with Errors and Warnings pull your site down.


  1. Hreflang conflicts within page source code
  2. Pages returning 5XX status code
  3. Pages don’t have title tags
  4. Issues with duplicate title tags  
  5. Pages with duplicate content issues
  6. Broken internal links
  7. Pages couldn’t be crawled
  8. Pages couldn’t be crawled (DNS resolution issues)
  9. Pages couldn’t be crawled (incorrect URL formats)
  10. Broken internal images
  11. Pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  12. Format errors in Robots.txt file
  13. Format errors in sitemap.xml files
  14. Incorrect pages found in sitemap.xml
  15. Pages with a WWW resolve issue
  16. Pages with no viewport tag
  17. Size of HTML on a page is too large
  18. AMP pages with no canonical tag
  19. Issues with hreflang values
  20. Pages returning 4XX status code
  21. Issues with incorrect hreflang links
  22. Non-secure pages
  23. Issues with expiring or expired certificate
  24. Issues with old security protocol
  25. Issues with incorrect certificate name
  26. Issues with mixed content
  27. No redirect or canonical to HTTPS homepage from HTTP version
  28. Redirect chains and loops
  29. AMP HTML issues
  30. AMP style and layout issues
  31. AMP templating issues
  32. Pages with a broken canonical link
  33. Pages with multiple canonical URLs
  34. Pages with a meta refresh tag
  35. Issues with broken internal JavaScript and CSS files
  36. Subdomains don’t support secure encryption algorithms
  37. Sitemap.xml files are too large
  38. Pages with slow load speed
  39. Invalid structured data items
  40. Malformed links


  1. Pages with duplicate title tags 
  2. Pages with too much text within the title tags
  3. Pages without enough text within the title tags
  4. Pages with low text-HTML ratio  
  5. Pages without meta descriptions
  6. Pages with duplicate H1 and title tags  
  7. Pages without an h1 heading  
  8. Pages with an underscore in the URL  
  9. Sitemap.xml not indicated in robots.txt  
  10. Pages with a low word count  
  11. Pages with temporary redirects  
  12. Images without alt attributes  
  13. Broken external images
  14. Pages with too many parameters in their URLs  
  15. Pages with no hreflang and lang attributes  
  16. Pages without character encoding declared  
  17. Pages without doctype declared  
  18. Pages using Flash  
  19. Pages containing frames  
  20. Broken external links
  21. Internal links containing nofollow attribute
  22. Pages with too many on-page links  
  23. Sitemap.xml not found
  24. Subdomains don’t support SNI  
  25. Homepage does not use HTTPS encryption  
  26. HTTP URLs in sitemap.xml for HTTPS site  
  27. Links on HTTPS pages leading to HTTP page  
  28. Uncompressed pages  
  29. Issues with blocked internal resources in robots.txt  
  30. Issues with uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files
  31. Issues with uncached JavaScript and CSS files  
  32. Pages have a JavaScript and CSS total size that is too large  
  33. Pages use too many JavaScript and CSS files  
  34. Issues with unminified JavaScript and CSS files
  35. Too long link URLs


  1. Pages with only one incoming internal linksource formatted as page link
  2. Links to external pages or resources returned a 403 HTTP status code
  3. Links with non-descriptive anchor text
  4. Pages with more than one H1 tag
  5. Pages that need more than 3 clicks to be reached
  6. Outgoing external links containing no follow attributes
  7. Subdomains don’t support HSTSURLs longer than 200 characters 
  8. Pages with more than one H1 tag
  9. Robots.txt not found
  10. Pages with hreflang language mismatch issues
  11. Pages that were blocked from crawling
  12. Orphaned pages (from Google Analytics)
  13. Orphaned pages (in sitemap)
  14. Pages that take more than 1 second to become interactive
  15. Pages blocked by X-Robots-Tag: noindex HTTP header
  16. Issues with blocked external resources in robots.txt
  17. Issues with broken external JavaScript and CSS files
  18. URLs with a permanent redirect
  19. Links with no anchor text

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How to Measure Our Success for Local SEO ?

  • SERP (search engine results pages) visibility: this is to check whether how well your website is appearing for the targeted search queries
  • Click-through rate (CTR): this shows your website’s performance within the SERPs.
  • Keyword ranking: this demostrates your website’s rank for targeted keywords necessary for visitor traffic
  • Domain authority (DA): websites with a higher DA perform better

We will setup these meterics before we start and perodically review with you for your sucess.

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