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Objective of this Article

Measure your true CPA

Reduce wasted ad spend

Gain new customer insights

Conversions are the lifeblood of all businesses… building your database, boosting form submissions, closing more sales, or increasing LTV. In this article, you will to learn about actionable tactics that drive more organic and paid conversions… no matter your KPIs.

  • Paid search can produce quick and reliable results and allows you to target gaps in your Local SEO efforts. With paid search, your marketing commitment is ongoing and built to scale.
  • On the other hand, Local SEO is less expensive and has a higher conversion rate. And, once you Local SEO is working, it’s easy to maintain those gains. 

With multiple platforms and piles of metrics in a noisy competitive landscape, do you need help ?

From Google to Facebook, with programmatic to pay-per-click and behaviorial retargeting, we can help you walk this landscape. We help you set the right conversion goals to measuring the right metrics and succees with your taget audience.

1. What is Google Ads ?

Google Ads is PPC advertising, also referred to as pay-per-click advertising, which is an online advertising platform. we provide a proficient SEO and PPC (Google Ads, Bing/Yahoo and Facebook) service that facilitates augmented traffic into your website.

2. Google Ads Specialist.

Google Ads is one of the best methods of online advertising.

As Google Ads Specialists or Experts, we manage and advertise through the Google Ads platform. We help you develop the digital marketing of your brand and develop advertising strategies.

Here are some of the areas we will work you:

  • Locate and optimize critical paths in the visitor’s funnel that negatively impact conversions / retentions
  • Identify new search options that increase conversions and sales
  • Generate more conversions 
  • Drive more high quality converting traffic from regular content updates
  • Engage your prospects with well defined web content
  • Apply user intent and Uncover insights about your customers

We will deveop strategy to:

  • Understand what search intent is and how to meet your searchers’ intent
  • Improve search rankings by understanding user behavior

3. Google Ads Management Services in 3 Steps.

Step 1: Use data to set goals
We set campaign goals that can be clearly measured and produce positive ROI.

Step 2: Use conversion measurement to unlock automation
Once we have conversion measurement set up, we use various strategies to efficiently optimize your campaigns to hit your goals.

Step 3: Consider waterfall budget planning
We work with waterfall planning allocating budget to different channels. We start with the best-performing channel and then to the second best-performing channel, and so on. This way, we spend budget with most efficient spend pattern.

We offer monthly Google Ads campaign management services as a Google ads specialist to assist local businesses with their PPC campaigns for leads generation.

Because the lead generation advertisers have unique challenges and goals. Ask us about our lead generation proven formulas to see how Google can help drive high-quality leads while protecting people’s privacy.

We will help you identify top converting queriesoptimize on-page copy and site navigation, and craft compelling ad copy that engages and converts more users.

4. Why Hire A Google Ads Consultant?

As Google Ads Experts we:

  • stay on top of all the technology changes
  • research how your customers use search
  • and write content / articles all centered on your campaign
  • develop strategy to your marketing objectives and budget
  • help drive quality traffic to your website
  • define your target geography
  • use target keywords which will drive buyers to your site

5. How Long Does It Take Google Ads to Produce Results

A well developed campaign will take the least amount of time to get optimized and produce results. There is not rule of thumb. Generally, it depends on your type of industry, local market, local competition and finally, your message.

However, a perodic reveiw is nessary to guage the postion of the ads, the quality score and the searches and the click through ratio.

6. What is the Minimum Budget for Google Ad ?

There’s no minimum budget on Google Ads!

You don’t got to risk an enormous budget on Google Ads to drive sales. In fact, low budget campaigns can dominate your results.

7. How Often do You have to Optimize Google Ads ?

A good rule of thumb is every 4 weeks there should be a major review of the the campaign. However, this varies by strategy, industry and budget allocations. Counting on your spend and therefore the age of the campaign, you would possibly be making changes weekly. As time progresses you’ll stretch this bent once every fortnight , but this is often stretching it.

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Are You looking looking for a Google Ads Specialist?

We will show you how you can Pair responsive search ads with Smart Bidding and broad match keywords. 

Broad match helps you reach new, high-performing queries, while Smart Bidding optimizes bids for each of those queries in real time. Advertisers that adopt responsive search ads in campaigns that also use broad match and Smart Bidding see an average of 20% more conversions at a similar cost per action

We will help you with:

  • Identifing your most valuable keywords to your target audience
  • Help you determine query intent and the type of content for your target audience
  • Discover additional search opportunities and keywords

Some of the tactics we will use:

  • Use AI to automate and optimize your CPC bidding
  • Make your click-to-call Google ads even more effective
  • Monitor calls and conversions data driven by PPC
  • Optimizing campaigns to drive more high-value sales calls

We will accomplish our goals by:

  • Leverage the power of first-party data
  • Bring first-party data together with cross-platform tools
  • Fill measurement gaps with modeled data.
  • Predict customer behavior

How to Measure Our Success for Local SEO ?

  • SERP (search engine results pages) visibility: this is to check whether how well your website is appearing for the targeted search queries
  • Click-through rate (CTR): this shows your website’s performance within the SERPs.
  • Keyword ranking: this demostrates your website’s rank for targeted keywords necessary for visitor traffic
  • Domain authority (DA): websites with a higher DA perform better

We will setup these metrics before we start and periodically review with you for your success.

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