How Does Google Analytics Work ?

How Does Google Analytics Work ?

Last Updated on 1 Feb 2023 by SEO Manager

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (GA) is employed to trace website activity like session duration, pages per session, bounce rate,  the location, and source of the traffic

Google Analytics’ approach is to identify high-level, dashboard-style data. Additionally, Google Analytics e-commerce reporting can track sales activity and product / service performance.

Google Analytics is integrated with Google Ads (G Ads), with which users can create and review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions.

Google Analytics is useful to trace user behavior on your website, and to assess the performance of your digital marketing efforts. It is the best way for brick-and-mortar business to understand Local Search Engine Marketing (LSEM) activities are making a tangible impact on their businesses.

Google Analytics acquires user data from each website visitor through the utilization of page tags. This will trace website performance and collect visitor insights.

1. How Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics has an easily usable interface where you’ll integrate other tools and platforms. This is accomplished by integrating Google Search Console (GSC) for organic search results (SERP) and Google Ads (GA) for Pay Per Click (PPC). If there are other paid platforms, they are all brought into a single view.

From Google Search Console, we get supporting information like clicks, impressions, CTR and average position. Analytics is part of the toolkit Google provides that includes Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.

With this combined “view” from the Google Analytics, the website owner or marketing team can make strategic decisions for the digital marketing efforts. In this, user acquisition data can function the marketing compass.

2. How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics provides key insights into how your website is performing with visitors. The page tag from GA runs within the browser of every visitor and collects data. Additionally, working with GA, the Google Tag Manager (GTM) captures users behavior and trace what percentage people use specific features on your website or application, like placing an order or completing a form.

The most common and popular reports in GA include traffic sources, popular landing pages, bounce rate, conversion rate and page views.

Within the Google Analytics dashboard users can save profiles for multiple websites and manange details for default categories or select custom metrics.

A richer view is within sources, mediums, and UTM codes can provide even more fine-grained data about where your traffic is coming from. You will be able to track everything from source of the traffic and conduct of the visitors. That includes social media activities, track mobile app traffic, identify trends and integrate other data sources to assist you create a complete visitor profile. This will help you to make a well-informed business digitial marketing decision.

3.Google Analytics Allows You to Create Custom Dimensions.

GA allows you to create custom dimensions and metrics from analytics data. These Segments allow you to look at your GA data supported a selected dimension, for example, location.

Businesses can easily set goals, measure conversion and conversion rates, and glean insights about website or application traffic.

4. How Google Analytics is a Web Analytics Platform?

Google Analytics purpose is to use to trace and analyze the performance of your website or app. Like any other tool, it takes time for GA to learn and share meaningful data.

Google Tag Manager allows users to deploy multiple tags on one website, like event codes, remarketing tags and conversion scripts. With this information, GTM allows users to store and consider all tag activity in one place. 

5. Google Analytics provides a Range of Information.

Through Google Analytics, you’ll access a good range of knowledge and reports on website traffic and website visit behavior. additionally to the default dimensions and metrics, Google Analytics are often configured to gather additional data and make it available in your reports. With a replacement approach to data controls, you’ll better manage how you collect, retain and use your Analytics data. If the statistics in your Google Analytics account don’t match up to those in Mailchimp, we’re likely still expecting Google to end pushing analytics data to your Mailchimp account.

For example, if a user came to the web site from Twitter then later from Google Ads, Twitter would be counted as an ‘assisted conversion’. it’s limited to sites that have a traffic of fewer than 5 million page views per month unless the location is linked to a Google Ads campaign.

Privacy and Google Analytics

Google has added privacy-safe customer insights in Google Analytics. The new features of Google Analytics (2021) will add features like privacy-safe insights about the buyer’s journey. There will be new attribution reporting also, to enhance marketing ROI.

Want to know more about Google Analytics and eCommerce ?

Google has made it a lot easier to track your ecommerce activity and it’s reporting.

  1. Log into your GA account
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the view you want
  3. In the VIEW column, click Ecommerce Settings
  4. Set Enable Ecommerce to ON
  5. Click Save

It is that simple.

Once you have setup the ecommerce, it is then time to check how ecommerce reports help you understand and analyze purchase process. Tis can be the activity on your website or smartphone app.

The ecommerce report will show you the product and transaction data, average order value, your conversion rate and time to purchase.

You can also setup additional data by setting up triggers on that can be collected from your website or smart app.

Do you have more Questions?

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Find Insights about Data Studio Reports with Google Analytics 4

You can now use Google Analytics 4 to gain insights about your Data Studio reports, including engagement metrics and user discovery paths. With Google Analytics 4 you can get automated insights and utilize Analytics’ flexible Explorations and Reports features to dig deeper into your data.

Google Analytics 4 is set up alongside the existing Google Analytics account. Start collecting data and gain from the enhancements in Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4: Conversion Paths Report

You can use the Conversion paths report to understand your customers’ paths to conversion, and how different attribution models distribute credit on those paths. The two sections include data visualization, which helps you quickly see which channels initiate, assist, and close conversions, while the data table shows you the paths users take to complete conversions.

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How to Measure Our Success for Local SEO ?

  • SERP (search engine results pages) visibility: this is to check whether how well your website is appearing for the targeted search queries
  • Click-through rate (CTR): this shows your website’s performance within the SERPs.
  • Keyword ranking: this demostrates your website’s rank for targeted keywords necessary for visitor traffic
  • Domain authority (DA): websites with a higher DA perform better

We will setup these metrics before we start and periodically review with you for your success.

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