Law Office Marketing: Paid SEM and Organic SEO

Last Updated on 2 Aug 2022 by SEO Manager

Let us discuss the real differences between Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for lawyers. We will offer options and pathways to either or both, depending on your location, type of practice and competition.

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If a law firm pays a search engine, such as Google, to display their Search or Display Ads as part of the search results related to specific keywords, it is considered as Paid SEM.

In this, you set a budget, time of day, a list of keywords and limit it by geography. When a user searches for the keywords, the ad is shown as ranked by various methods by search engine. Finally, if the person searching for the keyword clicks on the ad, they are directed to a phone or website link that introduces them to you.

Now you have your prospect.

Both Organic SEO and Paid SEM target keywords. Just that the method of display and point of contact is different due to nature of competition for the keyword and if the result is due to a paid “click”.

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