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What is SEM?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is paid marketing efforts your webs content to all the major search engines.

It involves using keywords and ads by targeting specific geographic locations.  These locations can be local, area, state, national or international.

SEM is also supported by display ads in other websites.  Short video clips that run as promotional content as part of other videos is also SEM.  Finally, SEM can be performed by

Why is SEM Important?

Because of limited space on first page, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is important to gain high visibility for product, service, event organized around an individual or a business.  Essentially, by purchasing “real estate on first page”, a marketer can gain prominence via SEM campaign that would otherwise be not possible with simple search engine optimization or SEO.

How is SEM Done Right?

SEM can be done via an specialized agency or an individual who opens an account with Google and Bing.  These are the major search engines and account for 99% of US market SEM spending.  Your Local SEM is a SEM agency.

Together, Bing / Yahoo account for 30% of the online search share.  Google has the rest of the market share. It pays to be on Google and Bing’s SEM campaigns. More recently, paid social media marketing or SMM is also included as part of SEM.

By carefully researching the keywords, by pricing or bidding the keywords right, by creating attractive ads, and by proper targeting the ads a good marketer will achieve success in SEM efforts.

So, what are you doing today?

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