Search Engine Optimization For Google, Bing, Yahoo &

Search Engine Optimization For Google, Bing, Yahoo & DuckDuckGo

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Get your business found on Local Search Engines!

In July of 2020, Google accounted for 62 percent of the U.S. desktop search queries. Google was also the leading mobile search provider in the United States, accounting for over 93 percent of the market as of October 2019.

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How do people search on Desktops ?

  • 43% of desktop search queries have local intent (looking for local business)
  • 5% use the city and/or state name as part of the local search
  • 2% use informal terms, like neighborhoods
  • 0.5% use zip codes as part of their search
  • 50%+ of mobile search queries have local intent

Almost 100% of the people looking for a local business look on the Internet by using one of the search engines like, Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.  Yellow Pages, White Pages and all other paper based directories are obsolete !  If you want to be found by people in the local area; you need to get listed !

So, what do you do?

Your only choice is to expand your Internet presence; add promotions (via paid marketing), add videos, add pictures, add content and link to business websites.

Be a part / Be apart

But however and whatever you do, get listed !  And many of these listings come with the right price, FREE!

But FREE does not mean it is not without  strategy or effort.  Your listing has a better chance to have a better rank and risibility if you make a effort and continue to fine tune the listing.  Keeping it fresh!

This is why you need a good SEO to help you.

Expand Your Reach Locally!

Get listed on Bing / Yahoo / Google local search directories and reach millions of potential customers. 

local search engine directories

Stand out from the competition by including compelling online content such as photos, maps and logos.  Include your business profile by listing hours, services, and other relevant information that promotes your business.  People want to find driving directions, learn what brands are carried or discover what’s on the menu or where to park.

Bottom-line, the more are able to describe about your business in local directories, the more you have a chance for better ranking with local search results.  And that, is the name of the game!

Differentiate Your Business!

YouTube offers solutions to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Build customer relationships and drive more customers to your business with YouTube.  Short videos that represent product information, service description, client testimonials or other interesting snippets are excellent ways to hold attention of your prospects.

These videos also represent excellent ways for search engine to differentiate your web presence from that of your competition.

Local Search Solutionsyour-local-search-engine-marketing

Are you looking to increase your chances of being found on a search engine?

  • Be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  • One of the best places to be start is Yellow Pages.
  • Get listed on Yelp.
  • Get Listed on White Pages.
  • And Get Listed Everywhere!

Optimize & Re-optimize!

So, what are you doing today?

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Do You need Help with Search Engine Optimization For Google, Bing, Yahoo & DuckDuckGo ?

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