Professional Custom Websites

Professional Custom Websites

What is a Professional Custom Websites?

A Professional Custom Website has the following key elements:

  • Unique to your business or service or practice.
  • Offers expert information to assist online visitor answer a question.
  • Establishes you as an authority.
  • Creates your brand for marketing your products or services.
  • Has met the technical needs for SERP in being mobile, desktop and tablet friendly.
  • Has balanced content with images for speed and distribution.
  • Has all the necessary elements for effective Local SEO.


Website is your online brick and motor store and much more.  It starts with a creative process to:

  • understand who you are;
  • who is your intended and target audience;
  • what do you want to communicate as your most important message;
  • whom do you want to reach;
  • how do you want them to navigate their way withing their content;
  • what is the call to action step?


A landing page is a single webpage on your website with a specific purpose to convert visitors into leads. A landing page maybe:

  • Linked to other pages of your website or not connected at all.
  • Dedicated just for phone call or form capture.
  • Offer Coupon or other inducements depending on the intent or geography or demographics of the visitor.
  • Tied with a specific keyword, campaign, or other PPC metric you might be interested in.