Youtube :-: Grow Your Business With Video Advertising!

Youtube :-: Grow Your Business With Video Advertising!

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YouTube Videos To Promote and Grow Your Business!

Over 120 million people watch YouTube and YouTube TV on their television screens. Streaming video is now firmly in the mainstream, and advertisers need to adapt to changing consumer behavior.


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What is Youtube Advertising ?

Being a social media marketer, you can’t overlook the influence of YouTube.

As you may also know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. In 2005, was launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

A basic YouTube marketing strategy will help you build your brand’s identity, showcase your products, and connect with your audience in fresh and exciting ways.

Why You Should Be Marketing On Youtube?

And also, YouTube videos get preference on search engines, not only on Google but on other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo as well.

Get started by creating your brand’s YouTube channel, putting together some videos, and promoting them across social media, your business blog, and your email marketing campaigns.

12 Steps for Your Successful Youtube Marketing Strategy

  1. Create A Youtube Channel For Business
  2. Research Your Audience
  3. Know Your Competition
  4. Study Various Channels
  5. Produce Clearly Messaged Videos To Get Views. Now tell your story, get leads from your video story and grow your business.
  6. Upload Your Videos
  7. YouTube Video engages and offers a rich content to connect with your potential audience.
  8. Respond to Followers
  9. Get your brand recognized
  10. Now You are Ready for Youtube Paid Marketing
  11. Use Google AdWords for Video to promote your business
  12. Your potential customers will find you on the net

How To Grow Your Youtube Channel in 5 Steps

  1. Set yourself up for measurable success
  2. Make it easy for viewers to take action from your video
  3. Set your bidding and budget strategy
  4. Reach audiences most likely to convert on YouTube
  5. Understand how Video impacts other campaigns

When thinking about YouTube advertising or marketing, this system of creating the overlay through Google Adwords now gives you even more insight into your viewer’s behavior while they are on YouTube.

When you bring YouTube viewers to your website, you will be able to track their movements and invite them to convert into leads.

This will empower you to collect data about what your video audience is most interested in learning and see how well you are addressing their needs.

This will all offer you greater insight into how to improve your YouTube channel and make yourself more relevant to your intended audience.

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube allows your videos to be seen through organic search or paid advertising.

YouTube creators, popularly referred to as YouTubers, upload over one hundred hours of content per minute.

Differentiate Your Business!

Add promotions, add videos, add pictures, add content and link to business.

Be apart!  Be part!

If you have a interesting idea,  a unique message to deliver, a vision to share, a lesson to share, a product to promote or launch, or an image to brand and build, YouTube video can help you attract new business.

When you run YouTube VideoAds, you reach out to prospects via Google, YouTube and Google Display Network.  With upgrades , and receive measurable results on your ads’ performance.

But whatever you do, get listed.  And this listing comes with the right price, FREE!

But FREE does not mean it is not without  strategy or effort.  Your listing has a better chance to have a better rank and risibility if you make a effort and continue to fine tune the listing.  Keeping it fresh!

Run a Video Experiment on YouTube

Trial and error is a critical part of any successful business marketing strategy. Ask us about the latest best practices to improve your ROI on YouTube with video experiments. We are here to help !

On YouTube, it is all about Data and Projections

​​On YouTube, your ads can play from unskippable 30-second videos to a 6-second bumper ad. While both formats can deliver ROI, the cost and effectiveness of their impressions won’t be the same.

The same advertising data can produce different results depending on how it’s incorporated into your advertising model.

  • Be sure to leverage the most granular data from your publishing partners. 
  • Identify the respective value of different impressions. 
  • Build brand relevance and align with customers’ passion points
  • Run targeted pre-roll Video Ads

This is why you need a good SEO Specialist to help you.

Reach consumers where they are: streaming.

YouTube reached more adults 18–49 in the U.S. than all linear TV networks combined in March 2020. That same month, watch time of YouTube and YouTube TV on TV screens jumped 80% year over year.

YouTube Analytics!

How many ways can you count analytics?

  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos.
  • 68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers display videos on their websites.
  • A video in Google’s index is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page search results.
  • Approximately 1.2 billion videos are streamed from YouTube daily.
  • YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world
  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos

YouTube offers solutions to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Build customer relationships and drive more customers to your business with YouTube.

Our 2 – 5 minute YouTube Video Production Service includes:

  • Green-Screen Studio Time; including all production equipment and teleprompter.
  • On-Camera Talent: (client, owner, or company representative)
  • Script Writing: By one of our professionals script writers. (revisions if needed)
  • Post Production Time – Includes editing, compositing, motion graphics, and sound.
  • Photos / Graphics: Adding visual that are relative to what the talent is talking about.
  • Text Animation: Drawing attention to the most important aspects of the message.
  • Professional Voice-Over Talent.

How to Measure Our Success for Local SEO ?

  • SERP (search engine results pages) visibility: this is to check whether how well your website is appearing for the targeted search queries
  • Click-through rate (CTR): this shows your website’s performance within the SERPs.
  • Keyword ranking: this demostrates your website’s rank for targeted keywords necessary for visitor traffic
  • Domain authority (DA): websites with a higher DA perform better

We will setup these metrics before we start and periodically review with you for your success.

So, what are You doing Today?

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