Google Adwords Ad Campaign

Google Adwords Ad Campaign Settings

Last Updated on 26 Mar 2022 by SEO Manager

You can set your Google Adwords campaign to:

  • Target people in a specific region, down to city / zip code level.
  • Exclude people (or geographic regions) in similar fashion.
  • Determine which network (Search or Display) your ad appears.  The Search Network includes Google and other search sites. Google’s matching of ads on the content network has vastly improved in recent years, Ads can appear alongside, above, or below search results, or on pages related to the user’s search for keywords that you choose. The Display Network includes a collection of websites that have partnered with Google (display partners), YouTube, and specific Google properties that display AdWords ads.
  • Determine when your ad is scheduled to run.  Ad schedule lets you control when the ads in your campaign can appear. You can determine which hours and days you want your ads to appear, targeting periods of time in 15 minute increments, when you expect your ads to get best results. So, if you are running lunch specials, why run in middle of night!

12 Mistakes People Make in Setting up Google Ad Campaigns

  1. Using Generic Keywords
  2. Boring Ad Texts Without Reference To The Keywords
  3. Not Using Negative Keywords
  4. Targeting Keywords That Are Too Broad
  5. Putting Too Many Keywords In An Ad Group
  6. Not Using The Right Keyword Matches
  7. Wrong Landing Page
  8. Only Using Your Homepage As The Landing Page
  9. Mixing Search And Display Ads
  10. Running Ads On The search Network With Display Select Campaign Type
  11. Lack Of Ad Extensions And Poorly Written Ads
  12. Not Taking Advantage Of The Search Terms Report

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