Google Target Search Devices:: Enhanced

Google Target Search Devices:: Enhanced Campaigns

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There are three type of Google Target Search Devices.

  1. Desktop / Laptops
  2. Smart Phones (iPhone / Android)
  3. Tablets (iPad / Android)

Since the real estate for the ads is limited on each of these devices therefore, the device you choose, the number of ads running, their location may vary.

Generally, on the Desktop, there are 3 top ads and 8 on the side.  On the smartphones, there are 2 on top and three on the bottom.  Same for tablets with full Internet Browsers.

Smart Devices

Over the holiday week in 2011, there were 2 billion downloads of mobile apps!

This is a combined number for both Android and iOS devices.  And this is just the start.  How fast this market will double and double again is at best guess and being revised faster than we can type this text!

What you also need to be sure, smart phones are delivery more search results and content each day, hour, minute, second.

And if you do not have a plan for the mobile market, it is like you have a car but no gps; a cell phone and no service.  Meaningless!

There Google, Bing/Yahoo are developing technologies as we write these lines.

You need to have presence on smart phones today.

Desktop PC Searches

Desktop PC Searches continue to be the large slice of the search market.  According to a study in 2012, 85% of the market is still with desktop based PC devices.  These are your computers and laptops.

Your desktop strategy now needs to take into account how your website and PPC campaign will render on the desktop in addition to the smart phone.  In other words, gone are the days when you could safely delivery website for the PC and expect it to be all to all devices.

Tablet Devices: iPad – Android – Slates

There is a rich size of rich applications known as apps that are appearing in this market.  This market requires a different strategy from the Mobile and the Desktop advertising PPC campaigns.

Social Media: FaceBook – Google+

Only in the farthest reaches of this planet does anyone does not know that social media: Facebook and Google’s alternative, Google+ is now an increasing part of daily life of many people.

Social Media requires special attention.  It requires special focus.  And it requires it’s own strategy.

So, what are you doing today?

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