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What is LSEM?

LSEM is acronym for Local Search Engine Marketing. If you have physical presence in a geographical area and you want to engage your local targeted audience for your goods or services, then you engage in LSEM. It consists of organic, paid and social media.

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  • Your web presence is forever!
  • Paper will move to Paper Little and then Paperless!
  • All Business is LSEM (Local Search Engine Marketing)!
  • You Need to be Found on the Internet.
  • LSEM is the Fastest Way to Get New Business.


  • You Want New Business, New Referrals and Repeat Business.
  • You Need Local Exposure and Local Projection.
  • You Are Positioning Your Presence viz Your Competition.


  • Your Local SEM (Search Engine Marketing) With Us.
  • Your Pay Per Click Advertising With Us.
  • Your Influential Authority Through Us.

Ready, Set, Launch!

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  • Of course, Google / Yahoo / Bing want the bidding to go as high as possible.
  • You, on the other hand, want to pay as little as you can for the most number of clicks on your ad.
  • But most importantly, you want to target potential customers who live within a specified distance, or geographical radius

Start your Engines

  • The heart of PPC advertising is choosing the best keywords – words and phrases that describe your business and are intended to get you the best ad placement and yield most number of clicks.
  • We define your ideal customer.
  • We review your competition.
  • We consolidate list of powerful keywords.
  • We then write the actual copy for your ad; a persuasive copy using the keywords with a strong call to action.

Defining Bid Rules

  • You can define any number of bid rules which can then be freely applied to ad groups or keywords.
  • Each bid rule is based on an algorithm that has some specific goal – like Bid To Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) or Maximize ROI – and is then customized with options and settings that define how you want the rule to behave.
  • And each rule can be assigned to either submit bid changes automatically, or present them as suggestions for your review and approval.
  • Assigning Bid Rules
  • Once your bid rules have been defined, you can apply them to any ad group or keyword.
  • You can assign one rule to an ad group and then over-ride it with a different rule for any keyword(s) within that group.
  • PPC Campaign
  • Check account settings and campaign settings and adjust for search, search partners, display, time of day, day of the week, bidding, ad settings and geographic targeting.
  • Provide recommendations for daily budgets at the campaign level and bid recommendations.
  • Add up to 20 ‘negative’ keywords at the account or campaign levels.
  • Provide recommendations for ad copy.
  • Provide recommendations for landing page/ destination URLs.

Reporting and Analytics

  • We will send you traffic data from Google Maps business center, so that you can see the number of clicks to your site.
  • Measure and track overall results.
  • Quality Score
  • Impression Share
  • Minimum First Page Bid
  • Impression Share
  • Full Search Queries
  • TrueMetrics – ClickShare, ClickVariance, %MaxBid

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