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  • Total cus­tom solu­tion depends on kind of web­site / con­tent / etc.
  • Your site should be visu­al­ly appeal­ing.
  • Your web­site should be cross plat­form com­pat­i­ble.  It should be designed and deliv­ered on desk­top, tablet and smart­phone.  The old buzz word of cross brows­er is ancient his­to­ry.  Gone are the days when you wor­ried about Explor­er, Safari or Chrome.  Now it is all about smart phones, mobile devices, desk­tops and tablets!
  • Keep page size small to ensure speed and per­for­mance.
  • Site’s con­tent should reflects its pur­pose.  We want to make sure that your vis­i­tors can eas­i­ly find what they are look­ing for. We keep that in mind and devel­op con­tent.
  • Keep con­tent rel­e­vant up-to-date.
  • Get vis­i­tors to inter­act with your web­site so that spend more time absorb­ing your con­tent.
  • Retain the vis­i­tor (your cus­tomer or client) with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­tact you via forms, a call-me facil­i­ty, email, web chat, etc.  Ask for their feed­back via online sur­veys and feed­back forms. Invite them to sub­scribe to a cus­tomer newslet­ter.
  • We cre­ate a web site that is as unique to your pro­duce or ser­vice and your com­pa­ny.
  • We get to know your cus­tomers, clients or vis­i­tors.  The pur­pose of your web pres­ence.
  • We lis­ten to you through your feed­back and ideas and cre­ate the web site you want — just not any web site.
  • Most impor­tant­ly, we work with­in your bud­get.


  • Your Local SEM will cre­ate a review page on your site that links to your local list­ing on the most pop­u­lar review sites, like Google Maps, Yelp and Foursquare. It gives your cus­tomers a sin­gle, easy place to go to tell the pub­lic how much they love you.


  • Com­pre­hen­sive report­ing on local pres­ence, search clicks, reviews and clicks on maps.

Existing WebsiteTake your desktop website to tablet to smart phone

  • Advise how the site can be shown bet­ter on mobile, desk­top and tablet devices.
  • New con­tent copy writ­ing and fresh­en the cur­rent copy with selec­tive edit­ing.
  • Struc­ture your site for eas­i­er nav­i­ga­tion and faster access speed
  • Improve the site’s con­tent to make it more infor­ma­tive and per­sua­sive, con­vert­ing more vis­i­tors into busi­ness.
  • Is your copy­right page out of date?
  • Do you have pri­va­cy page clear­ly spelled out?
  • Do you have terms and con­di­tions?
  • Do you offer email forms for some­one to con­tact you?


Readers on the Web are Impatient

  • Lest face it, we live in the mobile age. Web are in a rush to get the infor­ma­tion they want, and then move on.
  • We do have the patience for irrel­e­vant facts and com­pli­cat­ed text.
  • We do not enjoy scrolling through gobs of text.
  • If the web­site does not deliv­er the con­tent we move to anoth­er site.
  • Gain­ing atten­tion and reten­tion is a chal­lenge.
  • You have only 10 sec­onds to grab atten­tion.
  • You have only 55 sec­onds for reten­tion.

Website Conversions!

Let’s face it, the only reason to have a website is to have Conversions!

And by con­ver­sion, it can be as sim­ple as some­one look­ing you up for infor­ma­tion to some­one actu­al­ly get­ting per­suad­ed to do busi­ness with you.  Andy why would any­one want to do busi­ness with you if you do not have com­pelling or author­i­ta­tive sto­ry to tell?

So, what do you need to have in order to do web­site con­ver­sions?

  • Set Your­self Apart
  • Make Your Slo­gan Your Own and Make it Work for You!
  • Edu­cate Your Vis­i­tor and Add Val­ue to Their Time when They vis­it Your Web­site.
  • Have a Clear Sat­is­fac­tion Pol­i­cy.  Offer mon­ey back or sat­is­fac­tion on your prod­ucts.
  • Don’t Waste Time.  There is no need to have too many wind­ing ver­bose pages to per­suade vis­i­tors.
  • Have Truth in Adver­tis­ing with Clar­i­ty, Open­ness and Hon­esty.   Peo­ple like to do busi­ness with those who are able to present their mes­sage that is clear, hon­est and open.

Rich Media Moves People to Act.

  • Stud­ies and tests high­light view­ers’ pref­er­ence for strong visu­als and fast-act­ing ani­ma­tions.
  • Focus on the Rich Media makes view­ers excep­tion­al­ly respon­sive.
  • They spend more time on the adver­tis­ing area.
  • They notice key ele­ments includ­ing the brand, prod­uct and click but­ton.
  • Addi­tion­al find­ings showed 100% noticed the rich media ads, 70% of view­ers recall the ads and 65% take action to click on it.

Youtube — Action Graphics — Audio

So, what are you doing today?

Act Now. Call us Today.

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