Google AdWords – Online Advertising With Google

Google AdWords – Online Advertising With
Google AdWords – Online Advertising With Google

The process of advertising on the Google Adwords is very simple.

Table of Contents

  1. You need a website that is attractive, distinctive and sets you apart for your product of service.
  2. You open a Google Adwords account.
  3. You create Adwords you think people will use to find your product of service.
  4. You write an attractive advertisement that shows describes your product or service.
  5. You enter a bid amount that you are willing to pay for the auction Google will run on your behalf when someone will search the on Google.
  6. Your ad appears on Google.
  7. The person reads various ads in the auction and selects your ad.
  8. At the time of this auction, Google determines the price of your auction based on a multi-tiered formula, only known to Google.  This auction amount varies each time.  This is because Google Adwords system determines each auction as unique based on multiple variables.
  9. You pay Google Ads.
  10. And most importantly, the person who clicked on your ad wants to study your website and select you for the product or service you offer, calls your phone number or sends you an email asking more about your product or service.
  11. And the process starts all over again!

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Published on: Jul 5, 2012 @ 11:59

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