PPC, PPC and more PPC

  • The tool allows mar­keters to enter a query and find con­tex­tu­al match­es adver­tis­ing net­work ads would be like­ly to appear.
  • Place­ment Tools — also in the Tools and Analy­sis sec­tion — makes sug­ges­tions about where in the ad net­work PPC ads can be placed.
  • Find­ing effec­tive sites out­side of Google search engine results pages can be a good way to boost ROI. t make sense is also a way to improve. s appear­ance.
  • Pay-per-click ads need to set real­is­tic expec­ta­tions so that when a user clicks there are no sur­pris­es.
  • This way shop­pers know how much the prod­uct costs, and will pre­sum­ably click only when they have gen­uine inter­est.

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