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Google AdWords: Display Ads: 15 Tips for Success on the Google Display

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Display Ads: 15 Tips for Success on the Google Display Network

Three of the most important elements of a display ad are the message, image and design. This checklist outlines how to create effective display ads so that advertisers can improve conversions, brand recall and engagement.

  1. Determine whether you're optimizing for more efficiency or control
  2. Craft a message that is relevant and compelling
  3. Make the most of your responsive display ads
  4. Create beautiful, high-performing standard image ads
  5. Test and optimize your display ads
  6. Consider setting your ad rotations to optimize automatically.
  7. Rotate in fresh display ads every few weeks. If you're using responsive display ads, swap out poor performing creative assets for new ones. 
  8. If you want to drive offline sales with your display ads, use location extensions or local catalog ads.

Curated from Put Your Best Image Ad Forward – AdWords Help


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