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YouTube Launches AdWords For Video

Last Updated on 30 May 2021 by SEO Manager

YouTube Ads Make Presence!
  • Google is expanding those capabilities to YouTube with its launch Monday of AdWords for Video.
  • As with the Search product, AdWords for Video is self-service.
  • It allows small- and medium-sized businesses to bid on keywords and categories and have their video ads appear in front of some of the 3 billion YouTube videos that get viewed every day.
  • Video Ads were too expensive–to produce as well as to air–for the average mom-and-pop. ads within reach of the masses. s good news for small businesses, because video can be a powerful tool for drumming up interest from potential customers.
  • Video will become increasingly common for smaller businesses.  Other services that will make it easier to buy pre-roll.
  • Google projects that the share of online ad spending going toward video will double this year, from 7. 9% to 15%.
  • And according to Google, 50% of online ad campaigns will include video by 2015.
  • YouTube is planning to expand the service to other platforms, like connected TVs and game boxes. system which only charges advertisers when users actually watch the video, a shift from the classic CPM charge model, which charges per impression.
  • Small businesses need to stretch their ad budgets as far as possible, so providing a service that only charges them when viewers actually watch the ad makes the service increasingly attractive to those buyers.
  • The introduction of AdWords for Video is part of a larger emphasis at Google on small and medium-sized businesses.