Misspellings, Singular/Plural, Stemmings, Accents Or Abbreviations — Google Knows Them All


Google announced that in about 30 days from now, the way they han­dle AdWords match types for exact and phrase based match­ing will change. Going for­ward, Google will auto-match for phrase and exact match even for vari­ants includ­ing mis­spellings, singular/plural forms, stem­mings, accents and abbre­vi­a­tions.

Why? Google has said that over 7% of all queries con­tain mis­spellings. Google also explained that Google’s organ­ic results already do this and they want to make sure the AdWords results do the same. Google added that in ear­ly tests it has led to an increase in clicks by 3%.

Here is an exam­ple:

AdWords Exact Variant Options

Don’t like that Google is doing this? Don’t wor­ry, you can turn it off. Once Google acti­vates this log in to AdWords and select the cam­paign set­tings tab. Under “Advanced set­tings” select Key­word match­ing options. There will be an option to turn it off there, here is a pic­ture:

AdWords Exact Variant Options



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