How Valuable is Your Page? Ask Google!

How Does Google Determine the Value of A Page?

Short answer: By determining how long visitor stays on the page.

Tech­ni­cal­ly speak­ing: SERP CTR (Search Engine Results Page Click-Through Rate)

What is SERP CTR?  Short answer: It is the page that got viewed because the search engine ren­dered it to the user.  Google is like a jeal­ous over­lord.  If it brings you some­thing, it wants you to enjoy it.  If you do not, it remem­bers it and will make sure you do not get the same page again (or anoth­er per­son for the same search).

 How can yo make users experience richer?

There are three ways to do this:

• Ensure that the rich snip­pet page descrip­tion which appears on the SERPs accu­rate­ly describes the actu­al con­tent of the page.
• Make the con­tent of the page avail­able to the vis­i­tor as fast as pos­si­ble. Check the page is fast load­ing and rel­e­vant con­tent is sit­u­at­ed “above the fold” (so vis­i­tors won’t need to scroll)
• Make con­tent rel­e­vant for vis­i­tor, not the search engines.


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