What is a Good Ad Copy? (Why Strong Content Matters)

Every effec­tive con­tent mar­ket­ing starts with good copy.  If you are writ­ing an Ad, you should be able to describe in fewest pos­si­ble words what you are doing or sell­ing?   Why it is impor­tant and most impor­tant­ly, whey should they bring their busi­ness to you? Tags: Search Engine Mar­ket­ing, Search Engine Opti­miza­tion, Social Media & […]

Youtube Marketing: How video will be the norm in wine marketing within three years says Matthew Dickinson

Fol­low­ing last week’s web video mas­ter­class and sem­i­nar host­ed by Google and YouTube for mem­bers of the UK wine trade and stu­dents from Burgundy’s School of Wine Busi­ness, wine con­sul­tant Matthew Dick­in­son gives his per­son­al sum­ma­ry and looks at how video is going to change the way the wine indus­try com­mu­ni­cates.

YouTube Launches AdWords For Video

YouTube Ads Make Pres­ence! Google is expand­ing those capa­bil­i­ties to YouTube with its launch Mon­day of AdWords for Video. As with the Search prod­uct, AdWords for Video is self-ser­vice. It allows small- and medi­um-sized busi­ness­es to bid on key­words and cat­e­gories and have their video ads appear in front of some of the 3 bil­lion […]

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