What is Google SERP Query Matching? (How does it work?)

Google’s query matching process – when deciding which websites best match each user query, is complicated. For each Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Google assesses hundreds of factors in order to determine the most likely match and best answer. Two of the strongest and controllable signals are backlinks and page content.

What is a Good Ad Copy? (Why Strong Content Matters)

Every effective content marketing starts with good copy.  If you are writing an Ad, you should be able to describe in fewest possible words what you are doing or selling?   Why it is important and most importantly, whey should they bring their business to you? Effective ad copy is easy to spot. A Good ad… Continue reading What is a Good Ad Copy? (Why Strong Content Matters)

Visual Content Does Better SEO (videos and photos )

Visual content always perform better than any other type of content in terms of shares To get best results: Create custom-graphics Create or share video and audio content. Create Infographics Presentations Screen Captures Gifs and Memes Photo Essay Image Quotes Tags: #SearchEngineOptimization, #SocialMedia&Marketing You May Also Like Your Local Website Designer What is Google SERP Query… Continue reading Visual Content Does Better SEO (videos and photos )

Transforming The Way You Promote Content in 6 Steps

Article title (Make it Smart)
Article URL (Make it relevant)
The keywords we are targeting (Exploit Creative Options)
Current rankings for those keywords (Check and recheck)
Suggestions for supporting article topics (Link within your website)
Search suggestions for finding sites that may link to us (Do your homework)

What are the SEO challenges for a Multi-location business?

Multi-location businesses commonly have these challenges when it comes to meeting consumer needs:

How can they quickly and easily give directions to consumers?
How can each location’s landing page be optimized for local search?
How can the ever-increasing mobile shopper surge be leveraged?

Inhouse SEO Expert or Outside Agency?

Are you debating between outside agency or in-house expert for Search Engine Optimization?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is effective when pursued on planned and purposeful basis. That there are definitive goals, measurement of objectives and path to achieving the goals.