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Last Updated on 19 Mar 2022 by SEO Manager

Meta is suing seller of Fake Reviews

Facebook’s parent company Meta has announced that it is suing someone whose company provided fake positive reviews to “increase feedback scores” artificially by fake customer” on the website.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in California.

Meta sends a survey to people who buy a product after clicking on an ad to collect customer feedback. This feedback leads to several points. If a business’s score is too low, Facebook may “take a number of enforcement actions, which may include restricting advertising, financial penalties, or account disabling.”

The defendant in this case, Chad Taylor Cowan, “used a fraudulent network and rented Facebook user accounts to provide fake customer reviews in order to artificially inflate customer review scores, undermining customers “and downplaying negative reviews”.

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Why is this Important News ?

There is evidence that the prevalence of fake reviews across multiple platforms is undermining consumer trust.

All major platforms take periodic legal action against fraudsters. Amazon did this recently with two review providers.

These actions are both authentic and a form of theater, to show critics and regulators that they care about the integrity of the content.

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