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Quick Read: User experience is everything. Learn the tools and tactics you’ll need to pinpoint technical issues on your site and turn them into wins for your users and your rankings.

Why Site Audit ?

If Google’s spiders and website visitors have an easy time finding pages and information, then you should also see an increase in organic traffic and a boost in your rankings.

An SEO audit is a procedure for assessing the search engine friendliness of a website in a number of regions.

Why Site Audit by YourLocalSEM ?

As one of the best SEO companies, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach to our SEO site audits.

We know your brand has unique needs, so we tailor your audit to address your specific website.

How much will it cost?

One of the main reasons why prices vary so much is because SEO auditing is an extensive and time-consuming process.

What is the process of SEO Website Audit ?

The website audit project kicks off with a discovery session where we learn about your company, marketing needs, and target audience.

The site audit tool provides on page SEO tips, rankings similar to Google analytics, and a backlink analysis to inform your link building campaigns.

How many keywords are you currently ranking for, and which are driving good traffic?

The SEO audit tool enables you to search URLs, find potential clients, check backlinks, audit services, and much more.

It is also crucial to check how the traffic is being converted to active customers.

Dismissing errors and issues within your technical SEO could result in losing out on organic traffic.

Best Practices for Website Audit?

SEO audit should be performed at regular intervals to improve your working efficiency.

To wrap up, regularly checking your site for errors and performing an SEO audit is a must to keep a healthy online presence.

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