Google Ads: Apply 6+ sitelinks per campaign.

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What are Google Ads SiteLink Extensions?

Sitelink extensions are basically keyword available as a link on the Google Ads. And because they are actual clickable links, they are called sitelink extensions.  In short, they extend the ads ability to add more keywords or expand related services provided through the ad.
Google provides complete guidelines on how to add and manage these sitelinks.  Further there is additional reporting provided by Google so that the advertiser can measure how these links are performing.

Extensions are auto-optimized, but you can still review their performance. By seeing what drives CTR or conversion lifts, you can get insight into your customers.

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How SiteLinks Help?

1. Increase click-through rates

2. Increase conversion rates

3. No change in cost per click

best practices

Sitelinks – best practices:

  1. Link text should be concise
  2. Link text should relate directly to the landing page
  3. Do not repeat same text
  4. Do not use symbols or excessive punctuation

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