3 Ways To Find More Keywords For Your AdWords Account

Key­words are what con­nect your ads to what peo­ple are search­ing for.

Find­ing key­words for your account can be done with three ways.  The first of which is the key­word plan­ner. You can use the key­word plan­ner by putting in some prod­uct or ser­vice terms that may be rel­e­vant to your busi­ness.

You can also put in your land­ing page or, your prod­uct cat­e­go­ry, and see some sug­ges­tions that the sys­tem thinks is relat­ed to those terms that you’ve put it.

You can sort these sug­ges­tions by aver­age month­ly search­es, select the terms that make the most sense for you, and you can add them to your account.

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