Google AdWords News: 7 Ways Bing Ads Beats Google AdWords

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And while there’s no doubt that they’re both still under­dogs to Google, they’re mak­ing strides in areas Google AdWords has been strug­gling – Google …

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It’s the most excit­ing time of the year at Word­Stream – annu­al rev­enue reports! But we’re not the ones excit­ed about it; the search giants all released their annu­al rev­enue reports ear­li­er this month. If you missed the excite­ment in it all, you can catch all the juicy details here for Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! A quick glance paints a good pic­ture for all 3 com­pa­nies, but Microsoft proved to have the great­est pic­ture of the three, cel­e­brat­ing a 23%  year over year growth in search adver­tis­ing.


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