The Curious Case of Website or Webapps or Both?

The ques­tion fac­ing all web con­tent devel­op­ers is sim­ple, Web­site or Webapp?

And the answer, who knows?

So far the jury is out on which way is the right way, but one thing is clear, there is no sin­gle sil­ver bul­let in this game.  Web­sites and Webapps both need to be part of the inte­grat­ed game plan.  You sim­ply can­not afford to be with­out one or the oth­er.

And it will ulti­mate­ly depend on the kind of mar­ket place you are in.  There will be instances where web­site opti­mized for smart­phones, tablets and desk­tops makes most sense.  Webapps sim­ply will not be cost effec­tive.

Con­sid­er this:

  • Today, most peo­ple read news and fea­tures on pub­lish­ers’ web­sites using mobile devices.
  • Most news web­sites detect and adapt them­selves to small­er screens or offer via Webapps.
  • Ama­zon Kin­dle, Google Read­er, Flip­board dom­i­nate the mar­ket.
  • Nielsen study report­ed that while 33 per­cent of tablet and smart-phone users had down­loaded news apps in the pre­vi­ous 30 days, only 19 per­cent of users had actu­al­ly paid.
  • Finan­cial Times dropped their iPad and iPhone app from iTunes.  They have now launched a new web­site, devel­oped under the new HTML5 stan­dards, allow­ing any device to access the con­tent with sin­gle devel­op­ment mod­el.

On the oth­er hand, if you have a need for repeat orders from the same cus­tomer, again and again, it will make sense to devel­op Webapp which can be cus­tomized for each cus­tomer’s needs and has pro­file infor­ma­tion stored local­ly in the device.

Net ben­e­fit, you get the order for wid­gets and your cus­tomer is not fill­ing his or her name again and again!

So, weigh your options!  There is no cook­ie cut­ter for­mu­la here.


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