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85% of Business Locations Have Re-Opened

Last Updated on 21 Oct 2021 by SEO Manager

Yelp: 85% of Business Locations Have Re-Opened

Though the Delta variant is still here, local economies are nearly back to normal, according to Yelp’s Q3 economic impact report. The report also documents new business growth, which is stronger in some categories and flat in others.

  • Among local businesses that temporarily closed during the pandemic, 85% have now reopened.
  • That number is pretty consistent across categories, with beauty coming in at 90%.
  • Entertainment and nightlife are seeing triple-digit gains, for example; however, hotels saw the lowest rate of new business growth (15%) in Q3.
  • 15% of SMBs nationally didn’t survive COVID.
  • Movies are still struggling.

Overall new business growth was flat vs. last year. Re-openings and new growth are fueled by rebounding consumer demand, as people return to pre-pandemic routines and activities – except movies – and feel more confident going back indoors.

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Source: Yelp

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