Google Billions — Adwords Zillions — Search Gazillion

The rapid adop­tion of smart mobile devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad, is chang­ing how con­sumers inter­act with search engines, and adver­tis­ers are pay­ing atten­tion.

Marin Soft­ware has released a white paper titled “The State of Mobile Search Adver­tis­ing.” It out­lines the key mobile trends, pro­jec­tions and opti­miza­tion strate­gies for adver­tis­ers seek­ing to get the most from their mobile paid-search cam­paigns.

It also pro­vides more evi­dence of how the search and paid-search mar­kets are being pro­found­ly affect­ed by mobile devices. In almost every cat­e­go­ry there’s triple-dig­it growth accord­ing to the report, which projects that smart­phones and tablets will com­bine to gen­er­ate 25 per­cent of all Google’s paid search clicks in the US by the end of this year.

Marin also esti­mates that near­ly one-quar­ter (23 per­cent) of “Google’s US paid-search spends [by Decem­ber 2012] will come from mobile cam­paigns.” These are remark­able state­ments, and it means that Google will be see­ing bil­lions in mobile rev­enue accord­ing­ly.





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