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November 2021 Shouts

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Random November 2021 Shouts to Keep You Sharp !


  • More than two-thirds of respondents perceived at least 50% their Google searches to be local, with very minor differences among countries.
  • And 37% said that at least 70% of their search activity was local. So there’s a fair-sized contingent of very heavy local search users.  
  • This isn’t a behavioral calculation; it’s self-reported data. But it’s a strong indicator that much (or most) of what people search for online is local.
  • This month’s global insights show a world slowly returning to normal, with an increase in searches centered on holiday activities. 
  • Make the most of marketing budgets and engage with new consumer groups.
  • Google announces more exposure and support for local news.
  • New local shopping features for Google Maps (e.g., restaurant prices).
  • Survey: 63% of SMBs “satisfied” with social media marketing.
  • Rethink omnichannel strategies and capitalize on opportunities in CTV and Addressable.
  • With millions of visitors a day, YouTube presents numerous opportunities to enhance the traditional shopping journey.
  • Incorporate first-party data supplemented by second- and third-party data.
  • Despite years of omnichannel rhetoric, most analysts and pundits still treat e-commerce and local retail sales as completely separate
  • Multiple retailers in the US and Europe have shuttered stores, seeking to reduce overhead, in favor of anticipated e-commerce sales booms
  • But those sales expectations may – or likely will – be frustrated because of the way in which stores enable consumers to buy online with confidence
  • In order to succeed now, SMBs must improve their online visibility/discoverability and make it easy for consumers to do business with them. GBP completeness is an absolute must
  • Google PageSpeed Insights update is now live
  • Samsung grows global smartwatch market share (despite mediocrity).
  • The outlook among SMBs directly corresponds to business size: the smallest SMBs are most pessimistic, the largest more optimistic.
  • Build direct relationships with your customers.
  • Ensure your measurement remains accurate and actionable.
  • Drive performance by keeping your ads relevant.
  • DuckDuckGo building new app-tracking prevention for Android.
  • Apple games own App Store reviews for its podcast app.
  • Viable smart glasses are definitely coming – eventually.
  • Pew: 44% of Americans w/o kids (under 50) don’t plan to have them.
  • 47% of Consumers Will Turn to Smartphones for Holiday Shopping
  • Facebook Offers Insights on Emerging Shopping Behaviors
  • Taylor Swift has shattered records and grabbed headlines with re-recorded hits on her “Red” album. Watch the 10-minute Short Film of her most revealing and deeply personal hit, “All Too Well.”
  • Multiple Google Maps Updates in Time for the Holidays
  • Twitter, Search Engine Land Dropping AMP
  • The November 2021 Core Update Is Live
  • Snapchat Adds “Layers” to Snap Map
  • Committing to a hiring strategy that seeks out a wide range of experiences and cultural understanding ensures your company will have its finger on the pulse of customer needs. But diverse perspectives won’t help if you don’t build a culture in which people are encouraged to share.
  • With more than a quarter of the US population living with a disability, it should go without saying that your business website should be accessible. 
  • Looks like folks are getting their holiday shopping done early, suggested by a spike in Contact Growth across industries, especially consumer goods
  • Ad Spend is up 48% after dipping in September, however this recovery was not displayed by large companies
  • Creating campaigns that resonate in the crowded personal care market can be a tall order. 
  • Sales Calls hit an all time high – a pattern we also observed last year – which leads us to predict a drop in November and December
  • The importance of bringing order to your marketing operations processes
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  • In the smart speaker/display market, as of June 2021, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimated that Amazon controls 69% of the market, Google has 25%, Apple has 5% and Facebook has 1% (cumulative sales)
  • Google, Facebook, Amazon control 64% of digital ad spending
  • What consumers are expecting from their preferred brands
  • Methods to win and nurture the trust of your consumers
  • Best practices of collecting and using first-party data as third-party cookies fade away
  • The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) Board approved the creation of the Main Street Micro Business Loan, which will provide financing of up to $50,000 to eligible micro-businesses in New Jersey with ten or fewer full-time employees
  • Never post typos again with Undo Tweet. Set a customizable timer of up to 60 seconds to preview, undo, and make changes to your Tweet, reply, thread, or Quote Tweet before it posts to your timeline
  • Amazon released the first generation Echo (feat. Alexa) in November 2014. It’s now seven years old
  • Most of Facebook’s 21 acquisitions since 2018 in gaming and VR
  • New FB shopping features: Group shops, products recs, live shopping
  • Amazon opens 35K sq-ft. cashier-less grocery store in Illinois
  • Google Earth Engine: A powerful “contribution to climate science.”
  • Gathering data isn’t enough. Measurement unlocks success
  • Digital transformation is a journey, and each brand will navigate it in its own way
  • Drive conversions with Performance Max campaigns
  • There’s been growth in searches related to new jobs
  • From people to platforms to governments, concern about online privacy is growing
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  • Google has now new tools for publishers to activate first-party data
  • Another search engine has launched: It appeared in public beta
  • Yelp has introduced a new scrollable homepage feed featuring local restaurants
  • Professional Profiles are a new tool on Twitter that will enable your business to have a unique and clearly defined presence on the platform
  • 2021 has been a year of high expectations and unprecedented developments in digital marketing
  • The EU’s General Court in Luxembourg has upheld antitrust regulators’ nearly $3 billion fine from 2017, involving Google Shopping search
  • SMBs losing supply chain war to Amazon, Walmart (WaPo)
  • Apple launches “Business Essentials” device management for SMBs
  • NRF predicts ~10.5% holiday sales growth this year, online up to 15%
  • Facebook kills some interest, identity ad-targeting (NYT)
  • SMS marketing boosts revenue for local restaurants


  • Holiday shopping is starting earlier
Calendar inside circle graph: 31% of U.S. consumers started their holiday shopping in June.
  • Expected scarcity due to supply-chain challenges
Shopping bags inside circle graph: 47% of U.S. consumers expect COVID-19 to impact how they shop this holiday season.
Wrapped gifts inside circle graph: 60% of U.S. consumers who are planning to shop for the holidays say they will shop more at local small businesses.
  • How to avoid duplicate content issues with unique local landing pages for multi-location businesses
  • Why citations still play an important role
  • The importance of competitor research
  • The challenges of managing Google Business Profile at scale
  • Email marketing is essential to any industry and doing a routine clean up can be beneficial to your company’s data reports and conversion rates
  • The holiday season is prime time to hit quota and set your team up for months to come


  • Today, the platform has over 1 billion monthly users and brands are using TikTok ads to reach them
  • Global marketing can be complicated — and we’re not just talking about scheduling a Zoom meeting across 4 different timezones
  • Celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month…
  • How will personalization and customer experience drive how organizations build and maintain their brand equity?
  • Who will consumers trust with the protection of their first-party data?
  • Google My Business Is Changing Its Name, Again
  • Facebook for Business Is Now Meta for Business
  • Desktop Version of Page Experience Update Slated for February 2022
  • Google Maps Reaches 10 Billion Play Store Downloads
  • Data is useless unless it helps companies make smarter decisions, improve customer experience, and enhance business outcomes
  • Google Maps has more than 10B Android installs (but only a 3.9 rating)
  • Nearly 84% of email is opened on mobile devices, with the iPhone leading the way
  • In October, the FTC notified major US brands that “misleading use of endorsements could lead to major financial penalties.”
  • Companies in nearly every industry seek to use data to make better decisions. But the need for better data in decision-making is just half of the challenge
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  • GMB Rebrands to Google Business Profile: What Does it Mean for Local Businesses?
  • Agility in business is nothing new
  • Businesses have always needed to be agile—experimenting, adapting, and changing—to succeed
  • The difference today is the speed and scale of change required
  • Different ways to increase marketing velocity by focusing on optimizing and becoming more agile in your approach
  • The importance of centralizing work in one place for better visibility and alignment
  • The need to automate workflows and standardize campaign processes to save time